Welcome to my world, the world which I am lucky to call home. 

I was born in small village in Poland, I left the country after my education and moved to Surrey in England where I have worked and lived for many years, eventually coming for holidays in Isle of Harris in 2013. For a long time I was under no impression that all this time before my visit to the Outer Hebrides I was searching for something I didn't even realise - a sense of belonging... Belonging to something more then your friendships or local neighbourhood, something bigger, something unmeasurable. 

Belonging to a place, community, belonging to elements and nature. 

Isle of Harris delivered all of the above and then some. 

In 2014 I have started my career with Isle of Harris Distillery where I still work every day, place which is more then work, second home away from home. 

Ever since I remember I was fascinated by nature, landscape and people, now the time has come for me to share this story with you, this website is created not to make money, it is created as a love letter to a place so wonderfully inspiring, place which seems like the small oasis of peace at the very edge of Europe. If it means that this photography transforms you to Isle of Harris even if for a few virtual steps, I have achieved my goal! 

If you are interested in any of my photographs as prints or other formats, get in touch below, remember we are at the edge of Europe and sometimes the Atlantic Ocean might throw our Wi-Fi out of place so please be patient, I will get in touch as soon as I can.  

You can always find me on Instagram as @PKW247

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The Harris Lens
Landscape and Portrait photography by Peter Kwasniewski